Bible Information Class

We all want answers to life’s biggest questions. But the process for finding them often seems a bit intimidating. Where do I even start? How do I read the Bible? Will I even understand it? 

That’s why there’s no better place to start than our Bible Information Class. Bible Information Class (BIC) is a class designed to explore the good news that God has for us in his Word right from the very beginning.

Whether you have been part of a church for your entire life or for a very short time, this class is a great opportunity to study the basic teachings of God’s Word. It is also the course designed for those who are interested in becoming members of Mt. Olive.

Some of the topics covered are…

Can I be certain that I’m going to heaven?

Where did everything come from?

What's wrong with the world?

What's God's plan for my life?

Who was Jesus really?

How do I read the Bible?

Are all the stories of the Bible true?

Why do some churches baptize infants and others don’t?

Why is Holy Communion so important to Christians?

How do I speak to God? How does he speak to me?