What We Believe

The best way to learn what the people of Mt. Olive believe is in our Bible Information Class, where we explore the basic teachings of the Bible. In the meantime, here are some words that describe the truths that we firmly hold to as a church and lovingly hold out to our community:


We believe and teach that no amount of human effort can possibly earn God's favor or lead to eternal life. Thankfully, God's love caused him to send his Son Jesus to live and die for us. God offers forgiveness and salvation to the whole world as free gifts. Everyone who puts their trust in Jesus as their Savior will be saved.


The word "evangelical" is a form of the Greek word for gospel, or good news. As an evangelical church, we not only believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. We proclaim that same gospel in all that we do because it is the message God uses to create and strengthen faith in human hearts.


We believe that every word of the Bible is God's Word. We also believe that the Bible is its own interpreter. Rather than approaching the Bible with a predetermined idea of what it says, we let the Bible speak for itself. Even more than the specific doctrines we confess, this approach to reading the Bible and this process for understanding it define us.


The truths that Martin Luther reclaimed for the church at the time of the Reformation are often summarized with the Latin expression, sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura. Lutherans believe that our salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, on the basis of Scripture alone.


The teachings that Lutherans confess on the basis of God's Word are summarized in the Book of Concord of 1580. This collection of nine documents includes statements of faith that unite us with all Christians and statements that summarize what Lutherans specifically believe.


We belong to a church body known as WELS. It is the third largest Lutheran church body in America. For more information about WELS and what we believe, click here.